Greenhearth Apothecary & Gardens

Located at The Forum Shopping Center
Primal / Excalibur / The Goblet / Ward 15 / Plot 20

Greenhearth Apothecary & Gardens come together to bring Eorzeans the bounty of nature. The Apothecary offers high quality, top tier potions and health foods for crafters, gatherers, raiders, and the adventurer who wants that “extra edge.”The Gardens help bring the outdoors in, with hand crafted flower vases, cut stems for your own arrangements, indoor water features, and other greenery for decorating. Cousins Morwenna and Morrigan Greenhearth hope to share the benefits of potions and health foods as well as their love of botanical beauty with every guest.

Greenhearth Apothecary

Suite 3

Greenhearth Apothecary offers high quality, top tier potions and foods for crafters, gatherers, raiders, and the adventurer who wants that 'extra edge.' We also partner with Greenhearth Gardens, offering hand crafted flower vases and indoor water features. Additional potions are available by special request, please inquire within. Prices are competitive to the market board, with the added benefit of no tax!

Additional Raiding and DoL/DoH foods coming soon

Health Potions (all HQ)


Super Potion (Health)1,500 gil
Super Ether (Mana)1,500 gil
Potent Spiritbond Potion5,000 gil
Retainer Fantasia30,000 gil

Raider's Tinctures (lower grades available by request and top level coming soon)

Grade 5 Tincture of Mind3,000 gil
Grade 5 Tincture of Strength3,000 gil
Grade 5 Tincture of Vitality (special request)3,000 gil
Grade 5 Tincture of Dexterity (special request)3,000 gil
Grade 5 Tincture of Intelligence (special request only)3,000 gil

Raider's Food

Coming soon: Beef Stroganoff, Pumpkin Potage, Thavnairian Chai, Garlean Pizza, Carrot Pudding ( a limited stock of Pumpkin Potage & Archon Burgers is current available)

Disciples of the Hand & Land

Cordial (GP)1,000 gil
Tinker's Calm (Desynthesis)4,000 gil
Bacon Broth (Desynthesis)4,000 gil
Cunning Craftsman's Syrup (CP, lower grade)2,000 gil
Commanding Craftsman's Syrup (Control, lower grade) (special request)1,500 gil
Competent Craftsman's Syrup (Crftmnshp, lower grade) (special request)1,500 gil
Cunning Craftsman's Draught (CP)3,000 gil
Commanding Craftsman's Draught (Control) (special request)2,000 gil
Competent Craftsman's Draught (Crftmnshp) (special request)2,000 gil

Disciples of the Hand & Land Food

Calamari Ripieni (DoH)5,000 gil
Kalamarakia Tiganita (DoL)5,000 gil

Greenhearth Gardens

Suite 12

Greenhearth Gardens brings the beauty of the outdoors inside, with hand crafted flower vases and cut stems to place your own arrangements, as well as indoor ponds, waterfalls and other greenery for decorating. Inquire about special delivery services and in-home greenery/water feature décor consultations. A shop assistant is usually on premises with the owner to help answer questions, but please visit Greenhearth Apothecary in suite 3 to make your final purchases.

While we make every effort to keep most items in stock, please note that some require gardening time or rare ingredients. These items may only available either by special request or in custom orders, please inquire. Any special request/custom order items will be priced competitively to the market board price on the day you place your order (and remember, tax free!). We appreciate your patience while we provide you with the best service and prices to meet your needs.

Indoor Water Features

Indoor Oriental Waterfall50,000 gil
Eastern Indoor Pond750,000 gil
Indoor Pond25,000 gil
Indoor Marble Fountain150,000 gil
Oasis Wall Mounted Fountain15,000 gil
Mahogany Aqueduct5,000 gil
Inquire for custom build consultationsTBD

Green Housing Items

Ivy Pillar70,000 gil
Verdant Partition350,000 gil
Spring Meadow Partition15,000 gil
Planter Partition15,000 gil
Carpet of Flowers15,000 gil
Botanist's Dried Herbs20,000 gil
Ivy Curtain25,000 gil
Mandragora Lamp110,000 gil
Porcelain Vase8,000 gil
Terracotta Pot5,000 gil

Planters & Potted Plants

Potted Maguey40,000 gil
Potted Axilflower45,000 gil
Potted Azalea60,000 gil
Potted Spider Plant75,000 gil
Potted Dragon Tree55,000 gil
Potted Orange Tree8,000 gil
Potted Oliphant's Ear300,000 gil
Potted Umbrella Fig390,000 gil
Oldrose Wall Planter60,000 gil
Wall Planter30,000 gil
Hanging Planter Shelf30,000 gil
Hanging Planter Branch (NEW!)115,000 gil
Oak Low Barrel Planter35,000 gil
Bamboo Planter2,000 gil

Vase Arrangements

Basket of Floweres (dyeable flowers)5,000 gil
Sumptuous Dimension Castle Vase7,000 gil
Imposing Dimension Castle Vase8,000 gil
Riviera Flower Vase5,000 gil
Glade Flower Vase5,000 gil
Oasis Flower Vase5,000 gil
Ahriman Flower Vase50,000 gil
Ahriman Vase50,000 gil
Walnut Flower Vases5,000 gil
Sylphic Vase80,000 gil

Garden Minions

Kidragora1,000 gil
Mandragora Queen100,000 gil
Onion Prince50,000 gil
Eggplant Knight60,000 gil
Garlic Jester60,000 gil
Tomato King50,000 gil
Allagan Melon500 gil
Morbol Seedling100 gil

Empty Vases (for cut stem display)

Riviera Vase2,000 gil
Glade Vase2,000 gil
Oasis Vase2,000 gil
Mounted Vase30,000 gil
Mandragora Queen Vase20,000 gil
Tomato King Vase20,000 gil
Onion Prince Vase20,000 gil
Eggplant Knight Vase20,000 gil
Garlic Jester Vase20,000 gil

Any flower in the cut stem list may be placed in any of the empty vases. Once you place the vase as a housing item, exit the housing menu and click the vase to place the flower. Note- once placed, a flower will last until you move it to inventory or remove the flower. You can store the vase in housing storage without losing the flower.

Cut Stems* & Bouquets

Rose Bouquet (dyeable flowers)5,000 gil
Sunflower Bouquet (dyeable ribbon)5,000 gil
Byregotia (NEW!)see below
Sweet Peas (NEW!)see below
Oldrosesee below
Violasee below
Cherry Blossomsee below
Daisysee below
Brightlilysee below
Tulipsee below
Dahliasee below
Arumsee below
Lilies of the Valleysee below
Hydrangeasee below
Campanulasee below
Hyacinthsee below
Cosmossee below
Carnationsee below
Moth Orchidsee below
Triteleiasee below

*Cut stem flower prices are based on flower color/mb rates. The following minimum rates apply: Red (500 gil), Blue and Yellow (600 gil). Purple, Orange, and Green (700gil). Black, White, and Rainbow (800 gil). Note color shades vary by flower type.

About Us

Morwenna Greenhearth built the Apothecary to share her love of plants and potions. An avid alchemist, culinarian, and botanist, she discovered early in her travels the extra edge that potions and health foods can bring to an adventurer’s activities. Always surrounded by plants and the beauty of nature- and wanting to bring that joy into every space- she and her cousin Morrigan were inspired to expand the shop to include the Gardens. Close friends Estris, Creme, & Daniel are often found helping with the shops.The Apothecary offers potions and health foods to meet the needs of Disciples of the Land, Disciples of the Hand, raiders, and the everyday adventurer. Inventory will soon expand to include top tier raiding foods and additional DoL/DoH health foods.The Gardens focus on offering potted plants, greenery, flower baskets, bouquets, planters, and indoor water features (including indoor ponds and fountains), all in an array of delightful colors and representing different styles of the world. Hand-cut stems are also available for custom floral choices.

Greenhearth Apothecary & Gardens

Located at The Forum Shopping Center
Primal / Excalibur / The Goblet / Ward 15 / Plot 20

Want to reach out to us? You can message us on our Mall discord in the "Greenheath" channels!